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Total Stations

When survey in difficult conditions, you need reliable and efficient equipment that would work on a part with you. Our total stations are indispensable assistants in construction, surveying, topography, engineering, mining and other applications.

Both mechanical (manual) and robotic systems are here.

FOIF Manual Total Station

A wide range of manual Total Stations produced by FOIF since 1958 designed to deliver the highest accuracy standards with cost-effective benefit.

Models include OTS650, OTS680, RTS100 and windows-based RTS360.

Angular accuracy range is 1", 2", 3" and 5", with modern features of Reflector-less (300m, 500m, 1000m and 1500m), Bluetooth and dual screen.

Compatible with both Carlson SurvCE and Microsurvey FieldGenius software's.

Carlson Robotic CR+

The Carlson CR1+, CR2+, and CR5+ are made to meet all connectivity needs. Use its built-in Bluetooth® for medium range data transfer or its Bluetooth® handle for high performance Long-Range Bluetooth.® Either way, it is ideal for one-man robotic surveys.
Store data on the extra large internal memory, on the removable SD card or the USB stick using plug and play technology.

CR+ Brochure downloading

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